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TraderHR offers 3 Trade Alert Services: Swing Trade Alerts, Day Trade Alerts, Algorithmically generated, Algo Trade System Alerts. The historical performance of each, is available via the following links.

Swing Trades

Analyst generated, momentum, Swing Trade alerts are provided one to three times per week. As complete trading plans, they include Entry, Stop and Target prices, in addition to an ongoing chart analysis of the trade which can last from 2-10 days. While the market is trending, the frequency of these swing-momentum trade alerts is higher than average. However, a highly volatile, range bound market is not conducive to this trading style, thus, during those periods there will be few, if any, Swing Trade alerts. Our focus is on quality stocks with a volume of more than 500k and price higher than $5 making options a viable alternative to shares on most of these trades.
Swing Trading Performance

Algo Trading System ALPHA

A trading system designed to profit from a market’s inherent tendency to revert to the mean. Our ALPHA Algo Trading system outperforms in range bound markets by exploiting the tendency of extreme moves to revert to an average. The system initiates positions during short term corrections in established trends. This system profits when the market resumes the initial trend, thus, reverts to the mean (be it, up, down or sideways). The ALPHA Algo Trading system requires portfolio exposure of 50% – 200%, while maximum draw down is around 8%. Our algorithmic trading system trade a pair of leveraged, exchange traded funds, SSO and SDS. Both systems may, however, be traded effectively with other S&P 500 derivatives and funds. On average, the ALPHA Algo Trading system generates 1-2 trade alerts per week.
Algo ALPHA Performance