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At TraderHR, we know it’s our members that best promote us. To show our appreciation, for every new subscriber you refer to us, we’ll give you 30% of their fees. That’s right, we’ll credit you monthly, 30% of the revenue generated by each new member you bring to TraderHR, and not just when they sign up, but for as long as they remain subscribed.

Whether you’re sending friends and associates to our web site, or you’ve posted a link to TraderHR on your page, blog or social media presence, ask us about opening an affiliate account. We’ll provide you with a personal, coded link that lets us know who you’ve sent our way. As a TraderHR Affiliate, you’ll be able to track the clicks, and sign-ups your link generated, from your own dedicated affiliated page.

To get started, visit our Contact Page, and request your affiliate account.