Why Day Trade with TraderHR

Sinisa Persic

TraderHR, has a brand new day trading feature that you don't want to miss! In addition to the pre-open swing-trade set-ups -- with 57 winners out of 81 trades so far in 2011 -- TraderHR now provides 4-5 intraday day trade set-ups for members.

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Posted in our new interactive Trading Room (click to see video), the day trades -- complete with annotated chart analysis -- highlight stocks with intraday patterns poised to break out.

For example, recently TraderHR analyst Sinisa Persic noted that MAKO Surgical (MAKO) was poised to break out of a intraday consolidation pattern at 26.30. He set a buy stop entry at 26.54, which the stock proceeded to take out within 15 minutes of his post. Here's where MAKO was when Sinisa issued the alert:

Here's where the stock proceeded to go the rest of the session, reaching as high as 27.55.

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The day trade alerts, coupled with the swing trades, are posted in a brand new Trading Room that updates in real time and features audio as well as email alerting options.

Using a strategy of identifying continuation patterns on both intraday and daily charts, TraderHR in all its trade set-ups provides detailed trade levels, including where to place targets and stops. Plus, TraderHR provides a manageable number of trades.

Noted a recent subscriber who moved to TraderHR from another AdviceTrade service, "This is a great service. I like the fact that there are only a few specific picks at any one time."

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