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TraderHR provides the following services:
1. Watch list which is sent 4-5 times per week and includes 3-10 trade ideas with annotated chart analysis and potential trade entry levels and target levels. Stocks sent in the watch list are NOT trading alerts and are not managed from entry to exit point. Watch list just include potential candidates to become trade alerts.

2. Trade alerts are sent 1-3 times per week (depend on market conditions) and include entry, stop, target prices and size. Stops(and sometimes targets) are adjusted during the time position is active in our portfolio. Initial trade alerts and adjustments are sent via email and can be also sent as WhatsApp notifications per your request. Once a trade alert is sent it’s mostly active only that day until market close unless stated otherwise. Entry price is sent as entry range, for example, $10.01-$10.05 and means that trade becomes active once the price reaches $10.01. Trade should not be entered out of the entry range for example at $10.06. When alert remains in pending status after market close(overnight) price may open the next day above upper entry range price which leads to automatic cancellation of a trade unless stated otherwise. Size in alerts came as a FULL, HALF or 1/4. FULL size means portfolio value x 0.5. For example in our model portfolio which is valued at $100k, FULL size means $50k per trade. If you managed a portfolio of $10k full size will be equal to $5k. Trade alert came mostly with two targets. The first target is usually set 1-2% above entry price and usually, half of the initial size is closed at the first target. 2nd target is set between 3%-10% above entry price and is reserved for the second half of the initial size. When a position is active (in portfolio) stops are not active in the first 10 min of trading to prevent exit during opening volatility. If after 10 min (9:40:01 AM ET) price is trading below the stop-loss price position is closed at a market price unless stated otherwise. Currently, open positions could be seen on the Swing Trade Portfolio page.

3. A chat room where I post answers to member’s questions, analyze potential trade ideas, comment on recent market development and post short market analysis of the S&P 500 index. Outlook for particular stocks and markets is mostly given as a probability measure.

4. For WhatsApp notifications please send your cellphone number to