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Sinisa Persic TraderHR, founded in April 2004 by technical analyst and trader Sinisa Persic, CMT, is a destination point for traders from around the world who use its technical chart analysis to yield profits in both up and down markets. Persic, degreed in electrical engineering, uses a strategy of culling the wide universe of small cap stocks each day and identifying those that are building strong continuation patterns.

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“I have been with TraderHR for a few months and have had great success. Last month Sinisa netted me over $9000. He is not only a great trader, but a great teacher whom I have grown to respect as a trader and a person who understands that other people are trading his alerts. One last comment, from being a long term "buy & hold" fully invested investor, I can finally sleep at night because Sinisa's trading has allowed me to trade while preserving capital and not be fully invested in the market. ”
Annette J. Montreal Canada2013-08-12
“I have found TraderHR to be always there with me. It follows the intraday market volatility closely and sends constant alerts to protect your capital and maximize the profits. I actually feel 'safe' for the first time. Each trade is followed through diligently and I know that someone has my back. I sincerely wish I had found TraderHR earlier. It's easy, no bells and whistles, very reasonable priced and the customer service is great. ”
Rupendra - Trading Room2011-09-12
“In the 2-1/2 weeks that I've been in this service, I'm really impressed with what you do here Sinisa. It's been a fun, educational and profitable start for me. And this is the most interactive service I've ever traded with. The constant input from everyone really keeps things interesting. Constantly trading by yourself can get tough at times. Feedback from other traders can be very valuable. So keep up the great job with your service Sinisa, and I look forward to more profitable trades in a really nice trading environment and format that you have here. ”
Greg - Trading Room2011-12-23
“Your service is amazing! Between MAKO and JAG alone I made about $4000. Keep up the good work!”
Aaron Gunsher, Edison, NJ
“I trade only options on the stocks you pick, and for the year utilizing your service I have gone 38-12. Thanks Sinisa, great service you provide, especially the teaching aspect of how to properly look at a chart.”
Robert - Trading Room
“I have followed your free picks for a long time and you are quite a good stock picker. Thanks!”
Stacy Ringelspaugh
“Great Service, made 6% in the first 8 days.Thanks!”
Allen R.
“All I know is I want to use your service, I have tried 10-15 different services and they either mis-stated their results or you had to closely monitor during the day to get the same results. Your stop loss and take profit you give up front helps me tremendously.”
Steve Hailey
“I have recently bought your subscription and try out for a week I made money on all except the one that didn't trigger, keep up the great work even in this bad market your risk and reward are really good, try and keep up the great work”
Charles Nguyen
“Your Subscription should be $1000 at least. I made in first trade $2500 Thank You very much Traderhr!”
Mohsen Ashkanani
“I am impressed with the quality of your picks!”
John Tait
“I really like your service......I don't want You guys to go anywhere for a while.”
“I've been looking for charts like these all my trading career.”
Patrick S.
“I have just recently join your website, and have already made 6% on my "Traderhr"; ($10k) portfolio since i signed up just early last week. i have been trading for many years and have never come across such great charts with no effort. Thanks!”
“Your recommendations have been great since I joined. Thanks!”
Johnny Pham
“Your recommendations are just fantastic. Thank you!”
Jake Lukenberg
“You Are Wall Street Hero Traderhr”
Ahmed A Bousabool
“Nice Work Traderhr!! The one thing I noticed while looking at your trades is that your risk is very low....nice! Keep it up!”
Zman ( member)
“Good consistent returns, nice work.”
Kap ( member)
“Nice charts you're finding”
Dafugginman ( member)
“I haven't found any signal service near as good as Yours”
“I bought 1000 shares of OWW at $6.27 on 12/15/ and sold them today for $6.82. When commissions are netted out I made $500 in 2 days! Thanks for your analysis and helping me to make profits!”
Larry C.

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