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“I’ve been a member of many sites over the years, and I do the best right here. The daily watch list provides a steady flow of excellent charts to watch. It doesn’t take much work to pick the winners. Thank you very much Sinisa!” Philip Haake

“I have found TraderHR to be always there with me. It follows the intraday market volatility closely and sends constant alerts to protect your capital and maximize profits. I actually feel ‘safe’ for the first time. Each trade is followed through diligently and I know that someone has my back. I sincerely wish I had found TraderHR earlier. It’s easy, no bells and whistles, very reasonably priced and the customer service is great.” Rupendra

“In the 2-1/2 weeks that I’ve been in this service, I’m really impressed with what you do here Sinisa. It’s been a fun, educational and profitable start for me. And this is the most interactive service I’ve ever traded with. The constant input from everyone really keeps things interesting. Constantly trading by yourself can get tough at times. Feedback from other traders can be very valuable. So keep up the great job with your service Sinisa, and I look forward to more profitable trades in a really nice trading environment and format that you have here.” Greg

“Your service is amazing! Between MAKO and JAG alone I made about $4000. Keep up the good work!” Aaron G.

“I trade only options on the stocks you pick, and for the year utilizing your service, I have gone 38-12. Thanks, Sinisa, great service you provide, especially the teaching aspect of how to properly look at a chart.”Robert

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