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“I have just recently join your website, and have already made 6% on my “TraderHR”; ($10k) portfolio since I signed up just early last week. I have been trading for many years and have never come across such great charts with no effort. Thanks!” Timothy

“All I know is I want to use your service, I have tried 10-15 different services and they either mis-stated their results or you had to closely monitor during the day to get the same results. Your stop loss and take profit you give up front helps me tremendously.” Steve H.

“I have been with TraderHR for a few months and have had great success.He is not only a great trader, but a great teacher whom I have grown to respect as a trader and a person who understands that other people are trading his alerts. I can finally sleep at night because Sinisa’s trading has allowed me to trade while preserving capital and not be fully invested in the market.” Annette J. Montreal Canada

“I wanted to thank you for the time we were together in trading and tracking your signals. I managed to be stable in trading and profits, I will continue to be your customer and get your value.Thank you Thank you, Thank you! Have a good 2019!”
Masili L.- IL

“Trading plans are clear, precise, disciplined, and well explained. Thanks to TraderHR, I’m finally learning how to trade and to earn instead of burn.” 
Morgan Stone – San Diego, California

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