TraderHR Trading Course

  • Trading Course helps Traders to achieve consistent profitability.
  • Ideal for beginners, or Traders not satisfied with their current trading performance.
  • This course will save you years of effort in learning how to build a successful trading strategy.
  • The following topics are covered… Trading risks, Investing vs. Trading, Chart analysis, Trend & Range phases, Statistical thinking, Chart patterns, Scanning process, Intraday chart analysis, The importance of stock market trend analysis, Win trade ratio in a different market environment, Initial trade setup, entry, stop-loss and target levels, Risk analysis, Events analysis, Trade setup examples, Trading process, „Up or Out“ strategy, “Comfort zone”, Trading Flow charts.
  • Trading Course includes: Video lessons, Trading guide(60-page Ebook), 1-hour 1-ON-1 online Q&A webinar(optional), 1-month of free email support, 7 days free trial for membership service, 20% discount in membership price.
  • Promo Price $99.95 ($149.95)

“Thanks to TraderHR, I’m finally learning how to trade and to earn instead of burn.”
Morgan Stone – San Diego, California

“TraderHR is not only a great analyst but a great teacher whom I have grown to respect as a person.”
Annette J. Montreal Canada