A Peek Inside TraderHR's New Trading Room!

Sinisa Persic

TraderHR, which recently added day trades to its service, has launched a new Trading Room to enable its trade signals to be delivered faster and with state-of-the-art alerting options. The new Trading Room provides live buy/sell alerts tracked in a portfolio and featuring customizable sound and display alerting options. Plus, the room enables members to comment and ask questions alongside our analyst Sinisa Persic's posts.

Below is a video that walks you through our new room.

Using a strategy of identifying continuation patterns on both intraday and daily charts, TraderHR in all its trade set-ups provides detailed trade levels, including where to place targets and stops. Plus, TraderHR provides a manageable number of trades.

Noted a recent subscriber who moved to TraderHR from another AdviceTrade service, "This is a great service. I like the fact that there are only a few specific picks at any one time."

Here's what other members are saying:

  • "The new site is exceptional." --Ardo
  • "This is one of the slickest and most functional day trade and swing trade systems that I have seen anywhere. Love how you also post results to the portfolio immediately also." --Solano
  • "Very nice trade (on MIC) -- and because of the new sound alerts, I succeeded in getting into the trade on time. This is a huge improvement!!" --Shalom
  • "This is a great site for a newbie like me -- nice, clear instructions when to enter and when to exit. Also, it is not overwhelming with too many stocks and the price is even reasonable. Great job! This is what I've been looking for!" --Kristi

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