Weekly Trade Idea

Stock chart consolidating in a potential breakout pattern:

Key Levels: LDOS

  • Breakout Watch (B/O Watch): 149.1
  • Stop Loss (SL): 145.5
  • Target 1 (T1): 151.2
  • Target 2 (T2): 156.5
  • Target 3 (T3): 161.8

Technical Indicators:

  • Bollinger Bands (BB): Indicates volatility and potential breakout regions. The stock is approaching the upper Bollinger Band, suggesting a possible breakout.
  • Volume (7 SMA): Shows the average trading volume over the past 7 days. An increase in volume could indicate strong buying interest.
  • 50-Day Simple Moving Average (SMA): Indicates the medium-term trend. The stock is trading above the 50-day SMA, suggesting a bullish trend.

Trading Strategy:

  1. Initial Position: Buy if the stock breaks above the 149.1 level.
  2. Target 1 (T1): Exit 25% of the position at 151.2 and move the stop loss to breakeven.
  3. Target 2 (T2): Exit another 50% of the position at 156.5 and adjust the stop loss to T1 (151.2).
  4. Target 3 (T3): Exit the remaining 25% at 161.8.

Chart Analysis:

  • Current Price: 148.84, which is close to the breakout level (149.1).
  • Trendlines: The stock is moving within a narrowing range, forming a potential ascending triangle pattern, which often indicates a bullish breakout.
  • Candlestick Patterns: The recent candlestick shows a strong upward move, reinforcing the potential for a breakout.


The stock LDOS is poised for a potential breakout above the 149.1 level. The trading strategy involves staggered exits to maximize gains while managing risk effectively. Traders should watch for an increase in volume as confirmation of the breakout. The set stop loss at 145.5 helps protect against downside risk.

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