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About TraderHR

TraderHR, founded in April 2004 by technical analyst and trader, Sinisa Persic, is a destination site for traders from around the world. Amateurs and professionals alike, trust’s technical chart analysis, in any market condition, to generate results.

Sinisa Persic holds The Chartered Market Technician® (CMT) designation from The CMT Association which is a global credentialing body with nearly 50 years of service to the financial industry. The Chartered Market Technician® (CMT) designation marks the highest education within the discipline and is the preeminent designation for practitioners of technical analysis worldwide. Earning the CMT demonstrates mastery of a core body of knowledge of investment risk in portfolio management.

TraderHR publishes information that is strictly educational in nature and designed to contribute to your overall understanding of various types of technical analysis.


Sinisa Persic, CMT, is the creator and moderator of He is a member of the CMT Association and a contributor to MarketWatch. Mr. Persic's strategy involves monitoring a vast array of stocks to identify candidates building strong continuation and reversal patterns.

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“I have been with TraderHR for a few months and have had great success. Last month Sinisa netted me over $9000. He is not only a great trader, but a great teacher whom I have grown to respect as a trader and a person who understands that other people are trading his alerts. One last comment, from being a long term “buy & hold” fully invested investor, I can finally sleep at night because Sinisa’s trading has allowed me to trade while preserving capital and not be fully invested in the market.”
Annette J. - Montreal, Canada

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